With virtual tour, you can see the entire home whenever you want.

With the help of technology, we make it easier for those who want a preview and experience the home without leaving the couch. It is also an excellent aid for those who cannot get to the show or who want to capture the feeling of being in place again after the show.

See the house before the oficial open house

Take the step fully and give the speculator the opportunity to experience the home through VR (virtual reality). As close as you can get to a open house without having to be in place. It is a revolutionary experience and the technology gives both you as a seller and a buyer many advantages. As a seller, you welcome buyers to a virtual viewing that is open around the clock, where they can stay as long as they want. For you as a buyer, it is a clear advantage to be able to visit and experience the house when it suits you.

Start the virtual tour

Here you can try an example of our VR. To see our virtual tour you need a VR set, (a pair of glasses that you put your mobile in). We recommend the simplest cardboard model - ask your broker. Click the Start Virtual View button. Then click on the VR symbol in the upper right corner to start VR mode.

NOTE: For mobile phones only
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With our Virtual tours, anyone looking for a new house can visit it 24/7, no matter where you are. 35 percent believe that the experience online and on display weighs equally heavily in shaping a purchasing decision. 13 percent between the ages of 18-40 can imagine buying a home that they have seen online with the help of VR without going on a physical open house.

+5min average time for a visit

See the entire home

Here you click from the outside to the inside, go from room to room and pan the view the whole lap from left to right and in height. 720 degrees in other words. If you use your mobile phone or tablet, you also benefit from the gyro control to be able to look around the room.

Current sales with VR

We currently have 101 sales virtual viewings

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