Sell now or later?
So easily arranged, that you do not have to choose.

With our free of charge service Prepared, we help you prepare your entire sale so that you can look for your dream home in peace and quiet and sell when you are ready.

In many cases, a change of home means both buying and selling. By having all the practicals ready in good time, we make sure that you are well prepared when it's time to sell your home. Prepared is free of charge until we sell your home, then the payment is made in the form of a normal brokerage fee. If you regret it while you are looking for your new home and no longer want to sell the home, we do not charge.

This is included in our free of charge service Prepared 
  • We value your home. You get an idea of what price you can get out of the sale and then you can also decide what price you can pay for the new one.

  • You get an overview of all three sales steps and our brokerage service.

  • We photograph your home, make a sales description and preparing for the upcoming sale and can with no time pressure produce attractive pictures, floor plans and good documentation of your property. 

  • You get advice on both buying and selling. Prepared gives you the opportunity to contact a personal mortgage specialist. They also offer favorable terms for loans and down payment loans. Of course, we work at Mäklarhuset as an advisor if you have any questions.
  • The sales starts quickly and easily. Your old home is ready to be put up for sale as soon as you have found your new home or the buyer may already be in our large purchase register.

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