Sales guide


Selling a home should feel both exciting and safe. Together, we lay the foundation for a successful sale. We know that you as a seller have many questions and thoughts. Therefore, we are available to answer these questions and together with you create a tailor-made plan and a good basis, so that you are ready to sell the home when it suits you. 
Every home sale is based on your needs and wishes. With our expertise, you also get help with valuing your home and creating an effective sales plan so that you meet the right clients for your particular home. We know that each home is unique and therefore work actively with adapting the sales process to your specific wishes.  
For us, it is important that you feel safe and well prepared throughout the process. The sales guide will help you understand how a home sale goes. 



Meeting, valuation and sales contract with or without exclusivity 
At our first meeting, we go through your current situation, your wishes, your financial conditions and take a closer look at your house or apartment. We also take the time to listen if you need help with finding your future dream home. We help you with a free valuation. It will be a benchmark for your sale and you will get an idea of what financial space you have for your future home.
Sales plan
Together we tailor your sales plan. What price would be correct according to you? Which buyers do we want to reach? How can we reach them? Do you want to sell now or later, when is the best timing? We help you identify what is best and best-selling with your particular home, as well as what important facts need to be produced and any measures that should be taken before selling your home.
My page
You get access to our digital service My page. Here we collect all important information that is linked to your sales and keep you updated with ongoing and upcoming activities.
Intelligent alerts
If you want, with our intelligent alerts system we will keep an eye for interesting areas and houses for you. Let us know what you are looking for and we will help you create an intelligent alert that keeps you updated on the latest homes that match your search criteria. 
A good preparatory work and a high final price are connected. An interested buyer naturally wants to know everything about the home. Then we should of course be helped to try to make it appear in as good days as possible. All factual information is collected on our website and in the housing description that everyone receives in connection with the screening. 
Fact collection We will of course help you to produce all the facts and data needed for your sales. Collection of everything needed: floor plan, lender, capital gain calculation, association / manager (applies to apartment), inspection, hidden fault insurance and energy declaration (applies to houses). Prepare and produce facts.
Styling and photo session The home is photographed by professionals and displayed in the highest resolution with a modern Scandinavian imagery for the best experience. Before the photo shoot, you have the opportunity to choose styling. Regardless of whether you choose styling or not, we give you tips and advice before photography.
Housing descriptionWe put together an appealing presentation for your home that is advertised on our website and in printed form for the viewing, which serves as an important decision basis for the interested speculator.  
Maximized marketing 
When you are going to sell, it is about finding the right customers for your particular home. We take housing advertising to a higher level with our Mäklarhuset Smart® Advertising. With modern, intelligent technology, we make sure to meet the right speculators, at the right time, in the right channels. In this way, we increase the interest and chances for a faster deal at a higher price. 
This is how we reach the maximum with Mäklarhuset Advertising. 

Matching with our active customer register
We match your home to our industry-leading customer register. We have lots of posibles buyers who are looking in your area.
Daily press, direct mail and signage
Many who want to move, but still live in the area, walk past our offices where your home is shown on a sign or digitally in our TV display. We therefore make sure to always be in central locations where many people pass. At every open house, we also have a sign on the street so that it will be easier for those interested to find the viewing.   
Smarter display
We make sure you have a winning viwing with our sights set on the best possible deal. Together, we develop a viewing plan that suits your sales. In combination with our housing description, virtual viewings and interactive tools, we ensure that speculators get the best viewing experience before, during and after viewing. 
After the viewing, we follow up and contact all participants by phone to check the interest and which bid you want to submit. 
Loan approval 
Thanks to our close banking cooperation, our clients can quickly and easily apply for a loan and receive a loan approval.  


Safe, secure and efficient bidding

Based on our valuation, you and the broker have arrived at the price you can accept. The possibility of reaching this price depends on the bidding being handled in an open and correct manner. All information is always available to you as a seller because it is you who decides who you want to sell at and at what price. 

We work according to the Swedish Brokers' Association's guidelines for pricing and bidding so that all parties can feel safe. Bidding takes place openly via our digital services so it will be easy for everyone to follow. 


Contract and signing at the notary
Now it's time to sign a contract. In Spain, there are lawyers specializing in real estate transactions who take care of the entire contract writing and explain the content to all participants in detail so that everyone understands what has been agreed. Normally, sellers and buyers each have a lawyer, but in some cases the same lawyer can represent both parties. It is a written agreement that binds both parties to the agreement which is important for both sellers and buyers to sign as soon as possible. The contract states whether the purchase is associated with any condition. It also states when and how much the buyer should invest in a down payment, normally 10%. 
Signing at the notary
It is now the actual sale is completed. You and the buyer will meet again at the Notary Public to complete the transaction. You sign the contract and possibly other documents. The remaining part of the purchase price is also paid. Here the buyer gets keys and access to his new home. 
We follow up
We at Mäklarhuset work actively to develop and improve our service to you as a customer. That is why we always do a follow-up after each completed transaction. The follow-up consists of a questionnaire that is sent out to all customers to get a better idea of how the collaboration has worked. With the help of our broker evaluation, we can constantly improve and develop our brokers, services and company. 

After the transaction is completed

Now your deal is closed - this time. It can therefore be good to know that all documents and images are saved for the future on My page. So you can go back and see what you moved from. Maybe there is also something to learn before an upcoming sale. We are happy to be your partner in housing issues also in the future. 

Your real estate agent

So keep in mind that we are always nearby the next time the need arises, for example at a valuation. Until then - good luck with your new home! If you are satisfied with our work, you are welcome to recommend us to your friends when it is time for them to change homes. 


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