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Are you thinking of selling now or in the future? Book a free valuation today. Then you will also receive advice on how we handle a possible sale in the best and safest way.

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Free valuation when you are thinking of selling your home.

If you are considering selling your villa, house or holiday home, you obviously want to know what it is worth. But even for those of you who plan to sell a little later, a valuation is interesting. By letting us make a valuation of your home, you do not commit to letting us sell if or when it is time to do so. Book a free valuation of your home today - fill in your information above. All of our agents are specialized in their areas to provide you with a safe sale and the best possible conditions for a high final price and a successful transaction.

Our skilled agents value your home

A valuation by an agent who comes to your home is a qualified assessment. In the meeting, the broker immediately gives an estimate of what price you can currently expect if you sell. On site, the broker also gives suggestions for measures that can increase the value of the home. At the same time, you can of course take the opportunity to ask all your questions before a possible sale.

  • You fill in your details.

  • We will call you to book a time that suits.

  • A agent who is an expert in your particular area visits you and goes through your home with you. You will then receive a verbal valuation on the spot.

The valuation is based on the home's location, design and condition, as well as the demand for homes in your area at the current time. We also look at market factors such as e.g. interest rates, loan situation and current supply on the market. Contact us for a free verbal valuation and advice on your home and get an estimate of what you can get in the event of a sale. Welcome to book a free valuation of your home with us!

Factors that affect the home's market value

The valuation is based on the home's location, design and condition, as well as the demand for homes in your area at the current time. We also look at market factors such as e.g. interest rates, loan situation and current supply on the market. With thousands of valuations and home sales behind us, we know that our valuations give you a fair picture of what your home is worth today.

Value apartment 

There are a number of factors that affect the value of an apartment. The agent looks at the location and condition of the apartment. Year of construction, monthly fee, floor plan, living area, number of rooms, ceiling height and location of the apartment in the property. Does the apartment have any other advantages as the right value such as, for example, high ceilings, tiled stove, balcony or evening sun. What do the association's finances look like? Is there an elevator or garage in the property? Costs in operation, broadband and other things naturally also affect.

Value houses and villas

When evaluating a house, the size of the plot is important. Having a well-kept garden makes an important first impression. If there is beautiful nature nearby such as a sea view or a lake view, the price also goes up because this is attractive to many. Other important factors are the home's location, living area, condition of the house, stove or tiled stove, patio, heating system and operating costs. The outside of the house also affects the valuation. A well-maintained facade, new roof  or pool increases the value. 

Value your property online 

Mäklarhuset offers online valuation. With today's technology, you can have your property valued through our automatic valuation program. This will give you a value based on previous sales in the area, the supply on the market, etc. You can also get a valuation from us remotely, without a physical visit. The valuation is done via a video call through your computer or mobile phone and is completely free of charge. At the meeting, we will go through together what makes your property unique and you will get a first impression and assessment of the value of the property. In this way providing a more informed valuation than a standard online valuation can do. As a next step and for a more accurate market value, we always recommend that you book a free valuation with one of our estate agents. 

Written evaluation

Sometimes you may need to know what your property is worth, even if you are not planning to move. You may want to rearrange your mortgage or buy a new home and remortgage part of an existing one, in which case you can ask us to revalue your home.  For a small fee, you can get written proof of the market value from a technical architect. To make things go smoothly, please take out any important papers relating to your home before the appointment. Together, you and our broker will go over the location, condition and other things that make your home unique. After the visit, you will receive a written certificate of the value of your home, which you can send to your bank.

How do you book a valuation?

The easiest way is to fill in our valuation form. A broker who is an expert in your particular area will contact you to book an appointment that suits you.

How long does a valuation take?
There are several factors that determine the time needed for a valuation. For example, the type of property to be valued, the size of your property. Usually a valuation takes between 30-60 minutes. But be sure to ask when the estate agent calls to book a time that suits you. Your broker can give you an estimate of how long the valuation of your property will take. 
What is an oral valuation?

An oral valuation is free of charge and the agent give you a direct estimate of what your home is worth. This type of valuation is suitable for those who want to sell now or later, or are simply just curious about the value.

What is a written valuation?

A written valuation means that the real estate agent gives you a certificate of the current value of your home. It is based on sales of similar homes in the same area and is calculated statistically, taking into account the size and characteristics of the home.For a small fee, we can help you with a written valuation that you can use if you want to purchase a property, negotiate a mortgage, etc. However, this must be done by an architect or technical architect. 

What does the agent look at when valuing? 

Market factors such as interest rates, price statistics and the current market situation - i.e. the level of house prices in the area, the supply of similar homes and the demand for homes in that area.

Location of the property. How attractive is the area and what is the demand for housing where you live? Proximity to public transport, grocery stores and restaurants are also things that our estate agents look at when assessing the attractiveness of the location.

The condition of the interior and exterior of the property obviously plays a key role in the valuation.

Can you increase the value of your home?

During your meeting, the estate agent will give you tips and advice that can increase the market value of your home, such as simple renovations or homestyling.

Am I committing to anything in a valuation?

A valuation is non-binding and without obligation. You have no obligations to any broker who has valued your property. After the valuation, it is up to you what’s the next step you take.


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