Mäklarhuset Spain

We at Mäklarhuset want you to feel safe throughout the purchase, regardless of address. We help you through the entire purchase as well as guide you to the economic and legal issues that may arise.

Recent homes
Generous opening hours with virtual viewing

With the help of technology, we make it easier for those who want a preview and experience the home without leaving the couch. It is a revolutionary experience and the technology gives both you as a seller and a buyer many advantages. As a seller, you welcome buyers to a virtual viewing that is open around the clock, where they can stay as long as they want.

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Find your dream home with Mäklarhuset Smart® Search

Do you want to live near the water? Close to entertainment? In a turn-of-the-century apartment? Or maybe in a villa that is close to communications so that it is easy to commute to work. With Mäklarhuset Smart® Search, your wishes are matched with our range of homes. Smart, huh?

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